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K-9 mail

Some time ago I’ve decided I want to give up using Gmail (user interface and the service). But first I had to choose something I could rely on.

Having reviewed capabilities of several mail user agents available on Google Play, I’ve decided to go with K-9 mail as it was said to have a number of advanced features:

  1. IMAP folder classes to configure how folders are synchronized and displayed.
  2. Email encryption – it supports autocrypt and integrates with OpenKeychain.
  3. Handles several accounts simultaneously.
  4. It’s got a virtual inbox composed of any number of IMAP folders and the user decides, which folders should be aggregated in it. (This feature is particularly useful with more than one mailbox / account.)
  5. It lets the user archive their mail by moving it to another folder (and the user can configure the archive folder). This is very useful if you do GTD.

It is very flexible too. For instance, it lets you define additional identities for each account. This works like a charm if you’ve got several aliases defined for your account.

Finally, it’s got bulk operations (delete, mark/flag, move, mark as read/unread, etc.) and two display themes: bright and dark. It also lets the user decide whether they want to compose their mail in plain text or in HTML.

All this makes K-9 a great mail user agent. I have even disabled Gmail on my phone and replaced it with this great app. Now I’ve got one app to handle all my mailboxes and it works great!

This work by Piotr Mieszkowski is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0