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Software Design

Part of my current job is supporting requirement engineers during design stage. However, I am supposed to support engineers from my team and each team has their own solution architect. This week, however, another team’s requirements engineers have come to my desk and asked for support.

They were working on lice-cycle of an important business object and wanted to design it with clean and elegant implementation in mind. They’ve been considering two major approaches to marking that business object as having reached a given stage in its life-cycle:

It turned out that their team’s solution architect did not get involved in discussions like that and so they came to me. For me, solving design problems is one of the most satisfying activities, so I’ve jumped in right away.

In the end, I’ve suggested using Event Sourcing for the following reasons:

It’s been very rewarding and I’m looking forward for some more design problems to solve!

This work by Piotr Mieszkowski is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0