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Time to degrow

One of the best and most important books I’ve ever read was “Thinking in Systems” by Donella Meadows. Key take-away from that book was that growth is not always a good thing, and that nothing can grow infinitely.

Especially with disturbing announcements like those coming from Breakthrough (see their “What Lies Beneath” report), the issue of climate change is becoming more and more urgent.

With movements like minimalism, zero-waste solarpunk or simple living gaining popularity, it seems like there’s still some hope for humanity to notice: first, there’s growth, then, there should be maturation. But while we’re quite good at growing – populations, companies, market shares, etc. – we’ve got very little experience with actually maturnig things (or our own selves).

Degrowth movement might be the answer to these issues and makes the least of a product that some company could try selling. For instance: minimalism is easily sold with minimalist aesthetics and expensive interior designs; popularity of zero-waste brought expensive recycling and rotting machines to the scene. But degrowth is about throwing it all away and starting anew, with our own efforts directed at reverting that excessive growth.

That’s why I’m currently trying to start a small community focused on knowledge exchange, with the aim of creating a knowledge base for anybody interested in degrowth, minimalism, zero-waste, solarpunk or some other sort of offstream, non-consumerist approach.

This work by Piotr Mieszkowski is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0