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Back from vacation

I had a very long break in publishing entries on my blog, but will hopefully do it more often now that I’ve let myself relax a bit.

I have just had a two week vacation. First, I’ve spent a week in beautiful Polish mountains, mountain-hiking with my wife. Contemplating wonderful views each day, we quickly forgot about our dayjobs. Then, we went to Zurich, Switzerland. I recommend the Downtown Zurich Tour with Emre, a nice guide who grew up in Zurich and knows its history very well.

Now that I’m back home, hopefully with more energy than before, I will try to do several things I’ve started a long time ago and suspended for different reasons. (Things like: a patch for a well known self-hosted file sharing platform, an interview with certain software engineer and an URL shortener I’d written in Go.) That should give me enough material to write about in the nearest future.

Right now, I am reading the PSP: A Self-Improvement Process for Software Engineers, which I hope would help me make my estimations more accurate. It also helped me recognize that my own process is flawed. I spend too little time actually designing solutions and too much time figuring things out along the way.

Recommended reading

Things I’ve read recently and can recommend right away:

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