• Mleko roślinne

    Pewien czas temu zastąpiłem mleko krowie napojami roślinnymi nie mając jednak zbyt wiele merytorycznej wiedzy na ten temat. Dziś przeczytałem artykuł i uzupełniłem braki w wiedzy. Niniejsze podsumowanie opracowałem na podstawie artykułu Mleko sojowe czy mleko krowie? Wpływ mlek roślinnych na zdrowie człowieka dr Damiana Parola.

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  • Links found on Fediverse

    Since I’ve joined the Fediverse, every now and then I stumble upon cool and inspiring things. Usually I “star” them in order to be able to return and re-read them in my free time. But that re-reading never actually happens because I don’t browse my old favourites…

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  • Holiday reading

    I’ve decided to celebrate November 11th by reading about IT and CS, and a bit of philosophy of course. I’ve started with the great essay by Joseph Gentle about 3 tribes of programmers, which is a very nice summary of the key differences between groups of software engineers and where they come from.

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  • Giving more on Christmas

    Typical Polish Christmas and New Year’s Eve usually mean a lot of eating and drinking. The first thing we say after the winter break is “gosh, I’ve eaten so much” or something similar. This year, I’m doing my best to change it.

    For a few years, I’ve been trying to convince my family to prepare fewer dishes, because quite often there’s so much food prepared for those 3 days that we end up eating it over the next week. We also used to buy one another presents but I don’t think anybody was really enjoying them. The fun was in giving, not receiving. And what’s the point of giving if the one receiving doesn’t enjoy it?

    So this year, I’ve asked them to donate to Public Benefit Organizations instead of buying me any presents. This way, those who really need money will get it, while I can live up to my ideals of minimalism and antimaterialism.

  • Computer horror stories

    Over the years, I’ve read a bunch of incredibly interesting computer stories. Perhaps they should be called computer horror stories? This is highly recommended reading:

    They involve different levels of problems and different approaches to solving them, but they have one thing in common: they’re awesome!

    One good story is missing from this list because I can’t recall too many details – it involved raised floor tiles in a server room somewhere. Perhaps I’ll find it some day!