My fourth blog

2018-08-22 00:00:00 +0200

About 15 years ago I’ve started my first blog. It used to be hosted on a platform that no longer exists, but Polish-speaking XMPP community will certainly remember it. It was (we used to post new entries by sending messages to a Jabber bot – really cool idea). For a few years I’ve been writing about books I’ve read, my little bike trips or just thoughts.

After some time, I’ve created a LiveJournal account. That didn’t work well. Another couple of years later (May 2018) I’ve started posting on Listed.

This time I’m self-hosting my own blog. My second and third attempt at starting a blog were failures, as I didn’t really have much to share that time. Now, I feel there is something can publish here.

Besides, from time to time I get an idea for a short story (fiction). I guess this will be my place to share them.