• Jekyll publishing

    I’ve started maintaining this website manually: versioning posts and pages by adding them to a Git repository and publishing the content by manually copying it to my hosting account. But that was the simplest thing I could start with, to make sure that it actually works. Now I’m considering options to automate it a bit.

    At the moment, I am investigating the possibility of using Git hooks to generate refreshed content of my website.

    In the meantime I’ve also added thumbnails to the items in the trips Jekyll collection.

  • Architecture of Open Source Applications

    I’ve recently come across the Architecture of Open Source Applications book and decided to give it a try as it had a reasonable explanation of why it was published:

    Architects look at thousands of buildings during their training, and study critiques of those buildings written by masters. In contrast, most software developers only ever get to know a handful of large programs well–usually programs they wrote themselves—and never study the great programs of history. As a result, they repeat one another’s mistakes rather than building on one another’s successes.

    Our goal is to change that.

    The list of contributors (co-authors) is quite impressive. The first chapter focuses on Asterisk, which I perhaps should have heard of but haven’t.

    I’ll post a review when I finish reading it.

  • Evening walk

    I’m in a particularly complex situation, where several topics lead to a mix of stress, sadness and other feelings. In times like these, it is good to care a little bit more about oneself. Today in the evening I’ve decided I need to go for a walk. Just too much is going on.

    I remember reading a book by Sandor Marai. If I’m not mistaken, it hasn’t been translated into English, but its title went like “Herbal Book”. It contains lots of short notes about topics ranging from eating apples to stay healthy to life and death. One of such notes suggested that a man should go for a walk each day.

    Usually I walk at least a few kilometers every day, but it’s mainly commutation or the like of it. The kind of walk I am writing about doesn’t have a purpose of reaching point B from the starting point A. Instead, it focuses on the very act of walking, perhaps giving some space for thoughts, which is what many of us miss in our lives.

    I definitely recommend having such walks from time to time. Having some time to just walk, breathe, think and relax is very important for health, both physical and psychical.

    I think I’ll be going for a walk more often!

  • My fourth blog

    About 15 years ago I’ve started my first blog. It used to be hosted on a platform that no longer exists, but Polish-speaking XMPP community will certainly remember it. It was jogger.pl (we used to post new entries by sending messages to a Jabber bot – really cool idea). For a few years I’ve been writing about books I’ve read, my little bike trips or just thoughts.

    After some time, I’ve created a LiveJournal account. That didn’t work well. Another couple of years later (May 2018) I’ve started posting on Listed.

    This time I’m self-hosting my own blog. My second and third attempt at starting a blog were failures, as I didn’t really have much to share that time. Now, I feel there is something can publish here.

    Besides, from time to time I get an idea for a short story (fiction). I guess this will be my place to share them.