About pfm

pfm is the nickname I’ve started using quite a long time ago (perhaps between 2002–2005). My real name is Piotr Mieszkowski and this is my personal wiki. I’m a software engineer interested in clean, simple and working designs. Most of the time I write Scala code, but I can also find my way around in codebases in other languages, such as Java, PHP, Common Lisp, Elixir or Perl (see some examples below).

I use GNU Emacs.

Opinions published here are my own and not of my employer.

See also: travelling — places I've visited or plan to visit.

My profiles on the Web

You can find me on:

  • SourceHut: ~pfm;
  • Disroot Git: pfm;
  • Fediverse:
  • Jabber/XMPP: pfm at disroot.org (available quite often);
  • Matrix/riot: @pfm:matrix.org (available once a few days);
  • email: take contact@ and append the domain name of this website (yes, I mean untalkative.one);
  • inventaire.io — some of my books.

Organisations I support

  • Fundacja Panoptykon — a Polish NGO / watchdog that fights for privacy.
  • Disroot — a privacy-oriented platform providing lots of useful tools for privacy-aware people.

Technologies I've tried

  • Common Lisp: GAS — a DNA sequence assembly utility. Not very mature, but works for ABIF and FASTA files. I've also done some minor work on McCLIM, see list of my changes.
  • Forth: Forth Kata — includes Zeller's congruence implementation.
  • Makefile, POSIX utilities: Makeweb, a static-site generator using multimarkdown as the only non-POSIX dependency.
  • Python: Lacre — an email encryption software.
  • Rust: bf — a Brainfuck interpreter. (Note: as of 2024-04-19, I'm still learning Rust.)