Week 45 in reading

Privacy, security

Inspired by Wolf480pl’s post, I’ve started searching for some more information. I’ve read So you want to build a Javascript based network scanner and decided that it was a very good idea to install NoScript Security Suite… There’s also an interesting discussion on reddit.

As I’m preparing to write a longer post on privacy, I’ve started collecting info about that. The article on PC World is particularly well written and informative.


A friend of mine wrote a review of the book “Surrounded by Idiots” by Thomas Erikson. Apparently it’s worth reading if you work with other people…


I’ve been involved in a prestudy for a certain project. Among other things, I’ve stumbled upon SEDA. It reminded me of the approach used by LMAX Disruptor, but with queues connecting processing agents instead of all of them sharing the same circular queue (as in disruptor).

I’ve also read the chapter on Audacity in the The Architecture of Open-Source Applications. Its explanations of the technical details (like file organisation), UX aspects and software lifecycle are definitely worth reading.