Week 2018-W50 in reading

This week’s list is rather short as I’m still ill.

  • Some materials about Information Mapping(R):
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography:
    • A brief introduction by Nick Sullivan. It helped me grasp the key concepts and while I’m far from ready to start implementing anything based on that limited knowledge, I have at least got an idea how it works.
    • Another article on math behind ECC is still on my list. It contains some more math so maybe I’ll get to understand it a bit better? Let’s see.
    • It all started when I’ve read about Ed25519, which I would like to implement one day in Scheme. I’ve already started porting DJB’s python version to Racket a few days ago but decided I first need to understand it better because just rewriting it in another language won’t be useful even a bit.
  • Christopher Lemmer Webber on MediaGoblin and ActivityPub, a not so short interview with a very interesting person who took part in standardizing the protocol that the Fediverse uses.
  • I’ve been reading The Racket Guide, which is very nice and whenever it’s not enough, one has the option of reading the full docs (e.g. Byte Strings).

Whenever I had some spare time, I’ve been reading Christopher Lemmer Webber’s blog.

In the paper books department, I’ve picked a book I’ve suspended a while ago: “How Not to Be Wrong. The Power of Mathematical Thinking” by Jordan Ellenberg.