I enjoyed our stay in Copenhagen — it's a large, modern city full of bikes and food for thought.

We've installed Copenhagen Card applications on our phones, because there's no other way to access museums and public transport easily. Of course it's only available on Google Play and Apple Store

Sep. 2nd

  • Design Museum Denmark — quite interesting, lots of interesting designs and concepts from both distant and recent past.
  • Reffen — It's just another place to practice consumerism and show off. I'd never go there if I knew what a terrible place it was.
  • Freetown Christiania — a wonderful place governed by consensus democracy. I felt safe and calm there, despite being in the heart of a large European city. It's beautiful but of course troubled by the capitalist surrounding. I recommend Morgenstedet, a little cafe where we had some juice.

Sep. 3th

  • Cisternerne — a Cistern adapted and opened for the public as an art gallery. Thanks to its incredible size and particularly long reverb it has a very church-like feel.
  • Contemporary Copenhagen — a large gallery for modern art. The opening installation “data-verse” (by Ryoji Ikeda), part of Yet it Moves!, was particularly impressive.

Sep. 4th

  • Canal tour — starting from Ved Stranden. I've taken one of the seats at the very end to take pictures and had to sniff fumes for the next hour, but the view was stunning.
  • National Museum (location) — a huge museum giving one an insight into the history of Denmark, from its earliest colonisation to modern day struggles.
  • Danish Architecture Center — a wonderful place for any person interested in architecture and/or design.

Sep. 5th