Bookmark dump, November 2019

Since I’ve joined the Fediverse, every now and then I stumble upon cool and inspiring things. Usually I “star” them in order to be able to return and re-read them in my free time. But that re-reading never actually happens because I don’t browse my old favourites…

Today I’ve decided to change that. Because this is the first time, it might not include every link I have ever starred, but that’s perhaps a good thing. Links are ordered chronologically, by date of me seeing them for the first time.

First line of this write-up should encourage anybody interested in solarpunk to read it:

For a long time I’ve not had any network attached storage at home, because it’s offgrid and power budget didn’t allow it. But now I have 16 terabytes of network attached storage, that uses no power at all when it’s not in use, and automatically spins up on demand.
Did you know that “git checkout -” works much like “cd -” and switches back and forth between two branches?

You’re welcome.

Well, I wasn’t aware of that, but it’s a cool feature!

coworker: Event-sourcing, neural networks, distributed processing, and all this other NEW STUFF that’s required just to be an “entry level developer” is crazy, how can we all keep up?!

Me: here you go, all of that NEW STUFF is beautifully explained and illustrated in this single book, “Computation: Finite and Infinite Machines” by Marvin Minsky… it’s from 1967, so be careful with the binding.

I think I’ll need to look that book up…

A series of 5 films, which I’d like to watch.

Every person on earth needs food every day. Every day food is tended, harvested, transported, stored, and served up on our tables. In a very real sense, food cannot be separated from life itself…

The first line sums it up quite well:

#GMail is harmful to e-mail ecosystem; its antispam blocking policy matches too many valid messages as spam.

A walkaway project - open-hardware/open-source mobile device.

A directory of direct links to delete your account

…showing a post-climate-crisis scenery.

A very interesting read about fediverse and more.